July Update

Posted on 10. Aug, 2011 by in Updates

A snippet from the July 2011 Newsletter: To sign up, simply email mmorphanage@gmail.com.

“If you recall from the last newsletter, Pam’s brother Dee had to return home to care for his daughter who had been born prematurely.  We are thankful for your prayers; she has been consistiantly gaining weight and is quite healthy, defying expectiations.  Dee has now returned to MMO to finish details on the Founder’s House and work on infrasturcure, such as installing the water tanks that will provide water pressure for the entire orphanage.  At this point only the Founder’s House will be complete, but once this is done, Pam, Menda and their family will be able to move to the site.  This will allow them to start accepting more orphaned children: the government is already holding two young children for MMO that have no family to care for them.  Once they move to the site, they can also expand sustainability projects and continue to work on the remaining buildings.

Speaking of sustainablity projects, MMO’s eggs are continuing to sell out.  We have placed an order for 400 more chickens to meet the demand, with all profits going to support development at MMO. Pam also has tomatoes and cabbage growing, with plans to expand this once they move to MMO.  As Pam, Menda and their family settle at MMO, more sustainability projects will be able to start, such as honey and small livestock, and the current projects will be expanded. This will not only provide food for those living at MMO, but will create jobs for local residents and, when children are old enough, will be a source of job training for them.

More updates and pictures to come next month.  Please keep Pam in your prayers as she works hard to care for her family and set the final peices in place to move to MMO, as her husband Menda is still away at medical school and can only visit for brief times.  Also, while sustainabilty projects will one day provide for a majority of daily costs, construction and material costs continue to be high, and your financial support is needed as we continue to develop and construct Mulunda Miaka Orphanage.”

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